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      Step-up DC-DC converter optimum for battery input like that of AGVs
       100TBFS-2500-280 - A wide range of input from 19 to 128 VDC supported (input voltage range setting with a DIP switch)
      - Remote ON/OFF feature
      - Various protective features included
      - The capacity may be increased by the parallel connection
      - Eliminates the use of electrolytic capacitors
      - Approx. 15% smaller in volume and 20 to 50% increase in the output power in comparison with conventional models (with the rated power input)
      - Energy saving design to reduce the power consumption
      •15W with no load (with 48V input, remote ON)
      •30mW remote OFF (with 48V input)
      •The fan stops automatically with a small or no load to reduce the power consumption and extend the service life of the fan.
      Output specification
      Output specification
      Standard, specifications: For standard and specifications, click each item.
      Compatible case size Other
      Outline drawing 283Wx62Hx246D
      Weight 4 kg typ
      Input Voltage DC 19-37V/37-74V/74-128V
      Efficiency DC 24V input 90%(typ.)/48V input 94.5%(typ.)/96V input 97%(typ.)
      Power factor
      Input changeover system Change-over by the hand
      AC, DC input
      Safety EN50178 compliant
      High frequency current regulation
      EMI standard
      (Input feedback noise)
      CE marking
      EMS immunity
      Operating temperature -10 to 60 deg.C
      Leakage current
      Cooling systems Forced air cooling
      Output ground connection
      Warranty 3 year after delivery:If defects belong to us, the defective unit shall be repaired or replaced at out cost
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