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      Aiming for Professionalism in Manufacturing that Meets the Needs of Sophisticated Customers

      To meet the requirements of our advanced information society and the ever-changing needs of sophisticated customers, Nipron strives both to make full use of its existing technology and to continue with the on-going development of new technology.

      Nipron rigorously manages both internal and external production systems to accumulate know-how over time and to organize this in the form of a database. In this way, Nipron aims to become a product manufacturer comfortable operating in a fast-paced environment by developing technologies such as high-speed searching that can make efficient use of this existing know-how while also providing standardization.

      With a focus on the key issues of "safety", "IT", "environment" and "energy efficiency", Nipron constantly looks to the future and has an on-going involvement in the commercialization of new technology, working with universities and various research institutions. Based on its strength in uninterruptible power supplies, and having obtained patents both in Japan and overseas, Nipron is not content to be a follower and has adopted a forward-looking and strategic approach to developing its business.

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