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      Identify the true needs of the customer, and continue to promote the Nipron Brand with pride at a reasonable price.

      Recognizing the social role of information safety, Nipron saw a potential market, and is establishing itself as the de facto standard demanded by the era. Our high customer satisfaction is a result of our ability to forecast market change as a specialized power supply manufacturer, and continue to supply the innovative products needed to fulfill customer requirements, as standard designs.

      The Nipron Brand is our mark of pride, and Nipron quality is pride. One of our fundamental corporate creeds is that today's quality is the key to tomorrow's profits.

      Each and every employee has an individual philosophy of product development, including approaches to manufacturing, product development objectives, design criteria and product excellence, and it is this philosophy that makes it possible to develop and propose the products that provide us with reasonable corporate profit. It is crucial that each and every employee works to a standard society will find worthy, and perform high value-added activity to build quality into our products.

      We are determined to remain a corporation that recognizes the worth of a network capable of drawing contributors from outside the company who are interested in developing new products together, for consumers and society.

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